We are the church with the open
arms and we are for everyone.


We worship God Jesus Christ,
who is the hope of the world.


We walk with you in life to
bring out the best in you.

Welcome to Calvary Ministries Delhi

Dear friends, greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for opening this site. We pray that this will be a great blessing, answers to all your questions and a source of encouragement.

CALVARY MINISTRIES is involved in winning souls for the Lord, leading people to the throne of God by worshiping, praying for the healing of body soul and spirit and living a holy life.
Calvary Church was started in the year 1991 with three people only. But today the Lord has blessed us with hundreds of souls worshipping the Lord in spirit and in truth.

Rev. Dr. Pradip A Gaikwad is the founder of Calvary Ministries which runs Calvary churches. Many churches have been planted in different places and are being taken care of by the disciples of Calvary Church prepared by Calvary Ministries. One of our disciples has started more than hundred house churches in Haryana India. Two of our ladies are leading churches in their hometowns. Every member of Calvary Church is equipped with the power of God to preach, to pray and to nurture the new born believers. One of the members of Calvary Church named, SIS. MAVIS is being used mightily in Ireland.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Jolly Pradip Gaikwad (Principal), education to under privileged children is being provided by CALVARY SCHOOL.

Mighty miracles, deliverance from evil spirits and healings are taking place throughout the week which are testified every Sunday.
Become our friend by praying for us, working with us and by giving generously for the extension of God’s kingdom. (Send your love gifts and donations through cheques ,M.O, drafts in favour of Calvary Ministries)

Rev. Dr. Pradip A Gaikwad
Senior Pastor

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